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Product Design
    Bad Designs
    The Gadget Guru Online!


Product Design Companies
        Albright Technologies, Inc.
        CAD Data Exchange
        CAD-CAM Cad Conversion, Scanning Services and Products
        Coe Design - Product Design
        Design Corps America + Product Design
        ECO BIN
        Evolution Design Engineering
        JEDCo Design - product development & industrial design
        Mechanical CAD Solutions
        PlasticsNet.Com Personal Page
        Product Design, Inc. 
        Product Development Group, Inc. 
        RS Design
        Synergy Consultants Product Development
Stanford University Product Design
    Product Design Students' Association Alumni
    Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) Home Page
    Stanford Product Design

Quality Assurance Information
    David Butler Associates
    ISO Online

Reference Books and Web Sites
    BookWeb Home Page
    Engineers Edge
    Sam Weller Books Home Page
    The World-Wide Web Virtual Library Mechanical Engineering