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Plastic Information

        Achievement Resources, LLC, Lance Neward
        Consultek, Vishu Shah

American Plastics Council An Overview
        National Plastics Center & Museum - Your Gateway to Plastics on the Internet
        Society of Plastics Engineers Product Design & Development Division

        IMM Net - Welcome to IMMNet - for Injection Molding Professionals
        Plastics News
        Plastics Technology Online
        Welcome To Modern Plastics On The Web

        Ashland Chemical General Polymers Division
        M.A. Hanna Resin
        Main Page
        Performance Polymers--Distributors of Plastics
        PlasticsNet.Com A Commerx Marketplace
        Welcome to Oxford Polymer's Web Site
            Epsilon Products

    Materials Identification 
        The Plastics Identification from Vishu Shah at Consultek

    Mold Making
        DME Catalog

    Molding Machines
        Toshiba Machine Co., America

    Plastic Product Design
        Design & Engineering Guidelines- Eastman Plastics    search for "design guide"

    Society of Plastics Engineers
        Polymer Modifiers and Additives Division
        Society of Plastics Engineers Great Salt Lake Section
        SPE -- PD3_ Home
        SPE Links to Plastics-Related Web Sites
        SPE Society Information
        SPE Technical Journals Homepage

    Society of Plastics Industry
Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc.

    Jobs in Plastics
        Plastics jobs, careers, employment recruiter--Gros Executive Search, Inc. Gross